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Charlot interpreted by Matthieu Chedid, the spermatozoid in Woody Allen's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex by Pierre Richard, the heroine of William Friedkin's The Exorcist by Pénélope Bagieu, Beethoven by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Wonder Woman by Caroline Vigneaux, Molière by Guillaume Gallienne, Victor Hugo by François Berléand, and Kev Adams as the Mona Lisa... 36 celebrities played the game of letting themselves be transformed and photographed by Sacha Goldberger. This project, which was born during the Covid 19 crisis, echoes the notion of "non-essential culture" given during the pandemic: a knife that fell on society but mainly on all the actors of the world of culture. Sacha Goldberger, with the support of Cultura, does not give up, but retaliates with an uncomplicated interpretation of culture and reminds us that "Culture is not inherited, it is conquered", as André Malraux so rightly said. The series of color and black & white photographs, PORTRAITS CROISÉS, offers us a vision of culture that is both positive and joyful, in which the great classics of the last centuries (Molière, Victor Hugo, Beethoven...) are mixed with the contemporary (Wonder Woman, Pac Man, Dallas...). Carried by artists of all kinds (David Abiker, Irène Frain, Bartabas, Joann Sfar and so many others) and thanks to the meticulous work of Sacha Goldberger and his team, these emblematic figures of the Art world seem to have crossed the times to comfort us in the idea of a universal culture which makes fun of laws and borders, but especially in the hope that it remains essential and continues to give meaning. Through PORTRAITS CROISÉS, the photographer pays tribute to everything that makes us vibrate: from the noble arts to Pop Culture, including movies, video games, music, comics, etc.: everything that enriches us and makes us feel good. As Malraux once said, "Culture is what answers man when he wonders what he is doing on earth". But PORTRAITS CROISÉS is not only a series of photos, it is also the commitment of most of the artists who posed for this project and who, through texts and original drawings, participated in enriching these completely crazy portraits, such as Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt who signs the preface of this book.

After having been revealed in France with his series on his grand mother "Mamika" and the one on the "Super Flemish", Sacha Goldberger has been producing for more than 10 years numerous series of photos worthy of cinematographic productions. The photographer navigates through the eras through costumes and settings full of history. He has published several books and has been exhibited in many cities, from Paris to London, via Rio de Janeiro, New Delhi and Los Angeles. In 2021, Sacha won the Ministry of Culture's "1 building, 1 work" award with his project "Les Compagnons Renaissance". He is now the ambassador of the Leica® brand.


160 pages

Size 21 x 27 cm

ISBN : 978-2-493152-06-0

Price : 40 € TTC

Release : mars 2023

Distributed by Art & Paper - Saveca

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