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Cyril Abad has been living and working in Paris as a freelance photographer for about ten years. After working as an advertising and fashion photographer, starting in 2012 he will be working on a documentary with a singular and often offbeat view of the Parisian market of man in society. He collaborates regularly with press magazines, thanks to original and humorously treated reports such as "Blackpool, the Brexit holidays" or "The last dreamers". In 2016 he begins a 3-year long project about original shapes of religion in the United States, a territory of predilection for his work. This project named "In God we trust" offers a dissonant and delayed vision of our contemporary societies. This project has been published many times in France and abroad and exhibited in 2019 at Visa pour l'image.

For many years Didier Bizet worked as an Artistic Director for international patrons in advertising agencies in France and abroad. In 2015, he dedicates himself solely to photography and joins the Hans Lucas studio. He is attracted to the former Soviet bloc countries "where the melancholy time is obediently photographed". Between author's photography and documentary, for him photography is a real learning of the environment.  " Sometimes it helps me and gives me answers to my own questions about society. It is not always pleasant but necessary to my own life experience. The world around me, evolves, changes, surprises me. I am looking for of beat of our modern society in order to understand them." Didier Bizet is a graduate of École Nationale Supérieure

des Beaux-Arts and holds a degree in art history. He publishes his stories in the international press. In 2020 he received the Sony Award (second prize, documentary) for his series “Baby boom” published many times in France and internationally, projected in 2020 at Visa pour l'image.


Carole Bellaïche discovered her vocation for photography at the age of 13, while directing her young high school friends and learning to print in her small laboratory. Encouraged the following year by a decisive meeting with Dominique Issermann, she took her passion seriously. At just 17 years of age she began to take portraits of actors recommended by Issermann, who wanted to push her. These actors called her to do their "book" and very quickly her activity became professional. Also passionate about the cinema, she decided to produce, between 1985 and 1988, a series of portraits of actors and filmmakers photographed in Parisian museums, a series which was shown at the Agathe Gaillard gallery in 1989, for her first solo exhibition in Paris. His collaboration with Cahiers du cinéma in 1992, which lasted fifteen years, brought her into contact with actors and filmmakers from all over the world. Her talent as a portraitist, personal and free from the codes of traditional posing, is confirmed. While continuing her personal work - and exhibiting it regularly - she chose to join the Sygma press agency in 1998, then the H&K agency. Her portraits of personalities are published in various newspapers and magazines. In 2002, Le Mois de la Photographie in Paris organised a major exhibition of her work at the National Archives Museum, Portrait, which brought together exclusively portraits of women, both famous and anonymous. In November 2007, the Turin Cinema Museum paid tribute to her by exhibiting 140 of her photographs of moovies icons , most of which were taken for Cahiers du Cinéma. For Carole Bellaïche, her photographs are her collector's items, whatever they may be. They are the real proof of moments lived.  She has published in 2018 Entre jeunes filles with Alain Bergala (Yellow now publishing) and Isabelle Huppert, in 2019, (La Martinière publishing).


© Angela Kebadian

In his late forties, Patrick Cockpit works on the photographic representation of waiting, silence and invisible. A fan of straight and square images, he cultivates
his schizophrenia by mounting different projects on totalitarianism and its staging, or more prosaically on feminist, punk and offbeat portraits.
He is a member of the Hans Lucas studio and works mainly as a portraitist for
the press, institutional and various publishing houses.

goldberger portrait.jpg

Traveling through emblematic eras, costumes and settings full of history such as Jacques Couëlle's Villa Goupil, Oscar Niemeyer's PCF headquarters, Alvar Aalto's Maison Louis Carré, the Château de Thoiry or André Wogenscky's Maison-Atelier Marta Pan, Sacha Goldberger redraws History in a poetic way by superimposing the limits of fiction and reality. "With each shot, we discover a photo that is not a photo, a drawing that is not a drawing, a film that has not been shot, people whose only reality is that of inhabiting their brains" as Alexandre Jardin, who wrote the preface to Alien Love, so rightly points out. Sacha Goldberger won the Ministry of Culture prize in 2021, 1 building, 1 work with his project Les Compagnons Renaissance. He is now the ambassador of the Leica brand.

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