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Les éditions Revelatœr

"Photography exists and help people to see."

Berenice Abbott


After many years of experience in the publishing world as an author,
Charlotte Vannier has teamed up with photographer and artistic director Didier Bizet to create
the Revelatœr editions. Born from a common passion for photography, Revelatœr invites
the reader to discover a country, a culture, a history, through the eyes of an author photographer. We hope that our books will provide answers to the questions raised by
the documentary work of a photographer, because photographs are not just images,
they are also the testimony of singular stories. 

At a time when photography is omnipresent and more and more commonplace, when the images scroll in square format on the screens of our smartphones and computers at a dizzying speed,
we invite the reader to take his time and decipher photographs to understand their full content,
as well as their value. To go further in the idea of revealing photographic subjects in a deeper way, we invite writers, cartoonists and other personalities, to tell the story their common experience with that of the photographer. Thus Douglas Kennedy and Guy Delisle respectively contributed their pen or shared their impressions in our first two titles, In God we trust by Cyril Abad
and Le grand mensonge by Didier Bizet, to be released in the near future in co-publication with Pyramyd Editions in October 2020.

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