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On the outskirts of Madrid stands a huge cross, one hundred and fifty meters high, that all the city's inhabitants know well. This cross is the emerging part of "El Valle de los Caïdos", the mausoleum wanted by Franco that gathers the remains of the fighters of the civil war that plunged Spain into mourning between 1936 and 1939. It was also, until last year, the tomb of the Caudillo who ruled the country until his death in 1975. Like all mausoleums designed and desired by a dictator, this immense, monstrous, incongruous and insulting thing provokes embarrassment, laughter and unease. "Franco & Me" is an offbeat road-trip told in the first person, where the photographer puts himself on stage, in search of Franco's bones. It is also a very personal way of exorcising the absolute taboo that Franco's regime represents in Spain.

Franco & moi, Patrick Cockpit

80 pages • Size 150 x 210 cm

ISBN : 978-2-493152-02-2

Price : 20 € TTC

Release : octobre 2021

Distributed by Art & Paper - Saveca

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