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ALIEN LOVE brings together two series by photographer Sacha Goldberger: I want to believe and Extra Not So Terrestrial. In the first one, Sacha invites us to search for a way to escape our condition and escape our condition as well as our immobility. The 23 black & white silver photographs testify to the solitude of an alien after the end of a world, lost on a planet where the drought has destroyed everything and on which the oceans have totally disappeared. But far from of what might seem at first glance to be a simple bitter statement on climate change and its long-term repercussions, Sacha offers a fable as poetic as it is comical to describe this inner conflict between good and evil. this inner conflict between good and evil. As usual, he offers us a cinematographic vision in which the codes of the western, which he is particularly fond of, describe this duality that inhabits each of us, but also the expectation, with surfing and skateboarding in trompe-l'oeil, between hope and reprieve, and the death of the father with the Tarantino version of the cactus murder.
(The series in a few figures: a team of 7 people, 1 year of work, 120 kg of luggage, 2 aliens, 1 flying saucer).

With Extra Not So Terrestrial, the second series of ALIEN LOVE, Sacha Goldberger continues to use the codes of the feature film to describe the Earth deserted after an alien attack. And if each project is a new adventure for the photographer, different from the previous ones, the two dreamlike series in this book are intimately linked. Change of scenery, chroma and staging in this in this series of 26 photographs and 8 portraits in color like soap-opera: in the vicinity of a diner on the edge of a Californian desert, Roswell is having a good time. He attacks the earth with kitchen utensils - the UFOs look more like stainless steel sieves than high-tech vessels - and transforms men into cacti with a hair dryer. A great seducer, he lets a handful of women live, but "only one can remain"!
(The series in a few figures: a team of 35 people, 3 years of work, 7 models, 5 vintage cars, 26 costumes).


ALIEN LOVE by Sacha Goldberger

80 pages

Size 24,5 x 32 cm

ISBN : 978-2-493152-03-9

Price : 45 € TTC

Release : June 2022

(Second print : June 2023)

Distributed by Art & Paper - Saveca

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