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A journey into another world, which as soon as you cross its border, you feel transformed into a visitor of mystery and can only be the one in North Korea. Officially "Democratic People's Republic

of Korea", this country is the most secretive state on the planet. Led since 2011 by Kim Jong-un,

son and grandson of the previous leaders, their official doctrine is Juche, based on autocracy and

self-sufficiency whether military, economic or political. For sure that's all we can say about this country... My pictures are an ironic metamorphosis... of the North Korean daily newspaper. The "Truth if I lie", or "Great lie" is a projection into the absurd, a ballad in the unreal or the real, it's up to you!

The book is a photographic story, a nonsense full of meaning, a satire of the true false, a visual poetry that changes the norm and suspects Pyongyang leading us into a lie. North Korea invented the shifted reality to keep us on the edge of our seats. Behind this great masquerade with gentle decorations, where is this affabulation located?

Didier Bizet

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